How Hypnosis Helps

What Can Hypnosis Help Me With?

Hypnosis is a very powerful and proven tool used to effectively help you in many areas such as:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Releasing Stress & Anxiety
  • Weight Control
  • Letting Go of Unwanted Habits
  • Increasing Self Esteem
  • Gaining a More Positive Outlook on Life
  • General Pain Control
  • Enhancing Sports Performance
  • Test Anxiety
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Preparing for Surgery
  • Expediting Healing
  • Insomnia
  • And so much more…

I’m ready to stop smoking. Can hypnosis help me?

When you’ve had enough and you make the decision to let go of cigarettes for good hypnosis is extremely effective in helping you stop smoking. Most clients require only one session in conjunction with repeated use of their personal reinforcement CD.

I’m seeing my doctor for medical issues. Can hypnosis help me?
During times of illness, life becomes stressful and you may experience pain, anxiety and other stress symptoms. It might be difficult to maintain a positive outlook. Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help you learn to release the stress and anxiety and enhance your positive response to your medical treatments. Hypnosis is a proven powerful complimentary aid for people undergoing many types of medical procedures such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Hypnosis will help you accelerate your healing, minimize your discomfort, and support a positive outlook which is vital to a quick recovery and feeling better. Please note that a doctor’s referral may be required. Through hypnosis you allow yourself to focus your intentions and desires, which assist you in finding inner peace and strength as you journey through this challenge in your life.

My life feels out of control and I have bad habits I want to break. Can hypnosis help me?
Life these days is very fast paced and can get extremely stressful. We’re all expected to be expert jugglers on so many levels of our lives. With hypnosis you learn to release the stress and deal with the anxiety by acquiring the tools that help you to refocus and align your life with your true desires.

The Bottom Line:
When you’ve had enough pain, when you’re ready and willing to make a change, hypnosis will give you the tools you need to expedite your journey to self empowerment, and it is my honor to facilitate that process.